Who Dares Wins

From Ordinary to Elite

IF YOU WANT to change a life ruled by fear into one lived to the fullest and led by positive emotions...

YOU MUST DARE to harness fear as a motivator, rather than letting it debilitate you...

Who could use Who Dares Wins?

Sports teams; small businesses; start-ups; any team or individual who want to move from ordinary to elite. Bob Mayer takes what he learned in his career as a Green Beret, best-selling author and speaker/consultant to help you apply strategies that will help you achieve desired goals and succeed. Contact Bob to find out how he can help you and your team.

Why use Who Dares Wins?

The world is moving faster, change occurs constantly, competition is fiercer, and the one constant that stands in your way to achieving what you need to succeed, both personally and professionally, is fear. Special Forces Green Berets are not just 'better' warriors, they have been trained to conquer fear, dare to be different and achieve what others consider the impossible. The Green Beret is the most adaptable and successful warrior in the world. The A-Team is the most elite, flexible team in the world. These concepts can help your team members and the team become more cohesive, have higher morale, and be more effective. The goal is to put you and your team into the elite 5%. This program is built around the 9 Special 'Forces' that will help your team or business achieve the desired results by taking a close look at the factors that are hindering your progress and then developing a program for change which leads to success.

Who Dares Wins: Strategies for Success

Special Operations Forces are the most elite and flexible units in the world. Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Nightstalkers, Special Operations Wing: these are the warriors trained to perform beyond the ordinary and to make the impossible, possible. The author, a former Green Beret, takes you inside their shadowy world, laying out their history and lineage. More importantly, he delves into the mindset and training that makes them special. He gives strategic and tactical templates you can apply to yourself and your team. He uses narrative examples, both factual and fictional to illustrate his points.

This book shows you how to Dare to be like the elite, sharing with you the secrets of success needed to conquer fear and succeed.

"In Who Dares Wins, Bob Mayer gives us a unique and valuable window into the shadowy world of our country's elite fighting forces and how you can apply many of the concepts and tactics they use for success in your own life and organization."

Jack Canfield: Co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

"Success in life—as in combat—has always demanded depth of character. Who Dares Wins reveals what it takes for you to move into the world of elite warriors and how their training developed that Can Do spirit and Special Forces ethos of excellence."

Lewis C. Merletti: Director United States Secret Service (retired), Former Sgt 5th Special Forces Group (Vietnam); Cleveland Browns Executive Vice President & COO

Bob Mayer is a NY Times bestselling author, former Green Beret and CEO of Cool Gus Publishing. He graduated from the Military Academy at West Point, served in the Infantry and Special Forces, commanded a Special Forces A-Team, taught at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg and served in other Special Operations assignments. He has over 50 books published with over 4 million sold and has been on the numerous bestseller lists including The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly & US Today.

In 2011 he made the leap from traditional to indie publishing and built a seven-figure business within 18 months.

Bob is an international speaker and consultant. He has done interviews/appeared in/on the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, PBS, NPR, the Discovery Channel, the SyFy Channel and others.

For more information please feel free to email Bob.